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Rabu, 11 Desember 2013

Close SEDESOL year budget for social programs.

Ciudad Victoria , Tamaulipas - . A few weeks from end of this year , the Federal Ministry of Social Development ( SEDESOL ) reports fiscal closure of at least 6 of their welfare programs .

Edgardo Melhem Salinas, head of the agency , accurate programs are productive options , Social Co-investment , Daycare Centers , Life Insurance heads of family , 3 on 1 migrant and development program priority areas ( PDZP ) , are already served 100% budget.

"Right now almost 8 programs that we have closed and 6 are basically closing opportunities nomas , and 65 , which are closed are productive options , social co-investment , kindergartens , life insurance heads of household , 3by one for migrants is already closed and PDZP " .

The programs are still being finalized pay and opportunities are 65 and over , which are scheduled resource is delivered each quarter .

Be until December 20 when the payment thereof is completed, said the delegate , who says , according to the scheduling of these leaves in a timely manner , so there will be no delay .

" Right now we are paying the two months ending November December that disagree with the rules of operation fell make payment especially in the program opportunities and 65 and over , ended December 20 payment and this is good for that schedule bimesters , and we are good in a timely manner . "

The resources expended in this year exceeded 2 billion pesos , as the program only opportunity a bag of nearly a billion dollars in pension were 500 million and the remaining ranges between 400 and 500 million held the exercised , he said.

Added to that a resource of 16 million pesos extra , which was sub -state exercise , with some infrastructure , such as sewer opened yesterday in Reynosa will culminate received .

"We support that got almost 16 million pesos that had any of underspending in other states and we ale yesterday one of the important works of Reynosa a sanitary sewer ."

He added " these additional resources are these works that maybe we end until 31 December and Good was an extraordinary remedy that was not planned but we have the capacity."

Workers should 20 thousand homes housing fund

Ciudad Victoria , Tamaulipas - . By not having a job , owners of 20,000 homes INFONAVIT ( Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers ) stopped paying the credit, most of these have debts for almost a decade .

Dawning Roberto Marroquin delegate said Institute , said the agency is not only social but also not interested in staying with the abandoned houses but , he said, must maintain financial stability .

" The worst thing that can make the Institute is no charge to the family, if we do not charge you within five or six years is going to get a lawsuit or before," he also stated that it is the obligation of INFONAVIT make your Fund continue to accrue .

"We are a social institution but we have to take care of financial sustainability, not give away homes , the Fund is at work and we have to watch that the Fund will continue to accrue to the benefit of all workers ."

Dawning Marroquín housing fund insisted that he is not interested to stay with this bend homes but also feeds pension fund so the property is not used at the end of a working life which will return it along with all contributions with positive returns.

" When you're not interested INFONAVIT stay with homes, and if there is an office that is doing wrong , complain to me directly , we have a very important program products , then I think there is also misinformation," he said.

Wait CAPUFE crossing 500 thousand civilians by international bridges in Tamaulipas

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. - Eighth Regional Delegation of Federal roads and Bridges Access and Related Services ( CAPUFE ) expects a December during this period , the crossing of at least 500,000 civilians by international bridges Tamaulipas.

Olvera detailed Marcos Olivares , during this period, an operating display called " Safe Christmas " , which adhere to the nationals returning home by the crosses of Tamaulipas and Coahuila.

In this operation , is where , according to the statistics recorded in the past year, CAPUFE expected to serve one million nationals, ie 500 thousand in each state.

" Let us in this season is the fact that we call operating safe winter expect to serve more than one million people , user , Coahuila and Tamaulipas ."

The number of civilians who have crossed to this day by the international bridges , was not specified by the delegate , as is expected by year-end to create the final statistics, since it works on a regional basis .

" The truth is that the odds drove to the end of the period , last year all the numbers at the end to manage them officially, in fact level institution that makes a report by the agency is nationally because nothing is Tamaulipas in the case of jurisdiction covers us up Coahuila and of course the body does. "

In this vein , he said, " according to the behavior recorded in the 2013 , we expect to have a good rally around 5 or 6% depending on the results of December."

Therefore means that the resource they have it delivered to the state and municipalities will be higher.

Olvera Olivares explained , the total budget which is obtained in the year delivered 25% VAT to the state and municipalities , ie municipalities with international bridges receive 12.5% ​​of the state money and the other 12.5 %.

" It is up 12.5% ​​, we deliver 25% of income and VAT is 12.5 and for the state and 12.5 for municipalities ."

The amount given last period was not indicated by the delegates , who asked to wait for the end of the year to make the final and the corresponding statistical comparison.

Unknown delegate IMSS personnel losses maquiladora

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. - The delegate of the Mexican Institute of Social Security, the unknown number of workers who have been down this body , being dismissed from their jobs.

This would provide the statement to the secretary general of the Federation of Workers of Tamaulipas Edmundo García Román , who unveiled the maquiladoras in the border area have not closed , but have laid off large numbers of workers.

José Manuel Montelongo Assad relates that the IMSS is a recipient organism , so it only records the high labor who register .

" What I can tell you the number of members, which is what I use as the delegation , we are receiving ."

In this vein said , this year there have been 18 thousand 600 people affiliated .

" The court was delivered me this morning and we talked about 18 thousand 600 IMSS affiliates and affiliates are talking about are from January to date what we're talking about."

Before it said he was unaware of the casualties occurred in workers this year, as he insists, "We 're just receivers."

Recall that with the approval of VAT on the border , the Union of Workers of Tamaulipas more layoffs expected to exist in the maquiladoras.

Increase to 25 thousand cases of flu per week

Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. - Nearly 25,000 new cases of influenza are recorded per week as a result of the low temperatures that affect this company , said the Health Secretary Norberto Treviño García Manzo.

He also noted that most people ignores the recommendations of the health sector is the vaccine against influenza or not exposed to low temperatures these being some of the reasons why cases have increased .

" If people with its vaccine protects not exposed to cold as it protects against more serious diseases such as pneumonia. Here the call to follow the recommendations , we are in cold season then we have to walk protected, " he said.

Trevino - Garcia Manzo pointed out that to prevent ARI population should consume lots of vitamin C , this, he said, well go right agrigada . " Here the call is to ask people to take care not to get sick of the airways ."

He said that until last November 30 , the Ministry of Health through the Department of Epidemiology reported 20,000 cases per week 365 people with acute respiratory diseases, this week the increase was 4 000 635 new cases.

" Throughout the year , the two main diseases are acute respiratory infections and diarrheal diseases, according to the season , increase a little more . Now in cold weather increases the IRAS that are respiratory infections, "

Minggu, 17 November 2013

Engaging with science in our tourism to London

If the city of London offers the opportunity to visit some of the museums reason why that would not be one dedicated to science? That is what we find in our short or long visit to this magnificent city , having a special space dedicated to the different advances and history that science has had on mankind.

questions such as where do we go ? or where did we come from? are the most prevalent for those who visit this interesting museum in London , if your journey to the city has been in family and here there are young children , this is the right place to make your curiosity based response . If you have any luck, maybe younger and feel some motivation to try to investigate more deeply some of the issues and proposals presented here , something that surely will be reflected later in an afterlife in their profession and career study .

Enjoy a cinema with 4D technology in London

There are approximately 15,000 objects that here you will find , is one of the most entertaining places to visit , be sure to know the Apollo 10 capsule and the rocket Stephenson, all of this not to mention all those scientific advances that have been proposed in the twentieth century . In this museum you can visit his iMAX theater , which has a 3D and even 4D technology in London.

The entrance to this cinema is not free, but the museum's facilities if different , the opening hours for entry to the Museum of Science in London starts at 10:00 am, closing its doors at 18 : 00 , even though admission is free , there are occasions where temporary exhibitions , which does require a ticket to enter.